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Xprite Whips and Wheel Brightz  have served Trike Club well

One LED Whip + Mounting Bracket + Battery Pack = Voila’


Xprite LED Whip

One of 178 Possible Color Combinations

5′ LED Whip

Spiral RGB LED Flag Pole Whip Light with Remote Control & Bluetooth | Vertigo Series

Remote Control or Phone App

Clamp Cage Tube .75″ – 1″ Bull Bar LED Light Mount

Clamp Cage Tube Roll Bar Mount 1.5″ 1.75″ LED Light

To switch the whip to another bike or trike

Mounting Placement

Catrike Expedition

Catrike Dumont

Catrike Expedition

Catrike Villager

Rear Rack

Zoey Glowy

Double Vision

“Razzle Dazzle” is my Favorite

Hallow’s Eve


It would be great if everything came in a kit. Since we are adapting ATV Off-Road Whips to Catrikes and bikes, it is more complex.

The brackets have to be drilled out to 1/2″

A specific electrical plug must be added to the whip to allow connecting it to the battery pack. This cable indicates the type of plug.

Xprite has an office in Chino. You can call them. You can pick up products from their office. They have email support. They are local to Southern California.