Let's Trike




Let’s Trike

Let’s Trike provides adventures for almost anyone to ride a Catrike throughout beaches in Southern California.


Catrikes are 3-wheeled recumbent trikes that provide maximum enjoyment. Since there’s no balancing, riders can go as slow or as fast they desire.
Being low-to-the-ground provides a go-kart feel.

Where We Ride

You will ride at the beach as we bring the Catrikes to specific locations in Southern California. Currently, we ride in Huntington Beach, but we can also ride in Santa Monica, San Diego and other locations.

Why Ride a Catrike?

Riding on a Catrike is too much fun! Most anyone can ride right away. Each rider decides if they will have an easy, moderate or intense ride, based upon your effort, the distance and the terrain. Being at the beach with family and friends enhances your ride.

Our passion is to combine Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness and Faith.


See our Schedule. Custom dates are also available.

Catrike at Lookout Point

Adventures start at $50 per person.

Duration is over 2 hours.

Veterans discounts and group discounts are 20%. A group is 4 or more.

Contact us for specifics.

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