Let's Trike





Riding on a Catrike is too much fun! In two opposite scenarios, you are going slow while conversing with a friend or a loved one, OR you are ripping down a hill at 35 MPH. Each rider decides if they will have an easy, moderate or intense ride, based upon your effort, the distance and the terrain.
Our passion is to combine Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness and Faith.

Bringing Catrikes to you!!!

Catrikes are 3-wheeled cycles you ride while reclining. This enables you to ride longer. Your weight is comfortably distributed throughout your back and the seat. Anyone can ride a Catrike. There are no balance issues, they are lightweight, low to the ground, and have a small frontal area so they are very aerodynamic and efficient. It is a different cycling experience; Catrikes have a go-cart feel and can be very fast.


Riders who experience various challenges, ride weekly, at specific locations. All rides are COMPLIMENTARY. With no balancing involved, riders are immediately successful. Current rides involve Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital Cycling Program and Orange County ATAXIA. Three formal rides per month, on three Tuesdays, occur in Long Beach and Yorba Linda.


Guided tours at the beach.

Ride a Catrike, in a group, around World-Famous beach areas. Scenic views and interesting sights await you.  Enhancing your experience as you are led by a Pilot and Trailing Rider.  Adventures last about 2-hours and are very moderate in difficulty. Custom tours are available.