Great Group Rides

Most Logos are Linked to Their FB Group Pages

Huntington Beach Bike Ride Group

"Cycle" de Mayo

- Two Rides -

4pm & 7pm

Trike Club Riders will be required to ride both rides and shall eat in between both rides = fact, word, truth, I'm not playin' !

Golden Streets 626

Let's Goooo!

I hope to go after church 🙂

Trike Club

Redlands California

"Every" Tuesday Night

Redlands California

"Every" Sunday Afternoon

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Venice California

Every Sunday Night

Play Video
Play Video

Bay Area Recumbent Riders

Long Beach California

Wednesday Mornings

These two rides are lengthier and more robust than the casual "Electrical Light" Rides 🙂

Trike Squadron

Orange County California

Saturday Mornings

{Secret FB Group}


Misfits Triker Gang

Englewood Colorado

Obviously, all group rides have their benefits and their caveats… and then sometimes those pesky Catrikes sneak in and ride alongside.