Let's Trike

An Adventure Awaits You at the Beach!

Experience an Adventure at the Beach.


Enjoy a Guided tour at the beach.

Locations include Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Monica Beach.

Custom tours available. 

Beach Rides are low in difficulty. Any hills or bridges are small.

Adventures are led by a Pilot with the entire group riding together.

A Trailing Rider follows everyone to assist with any issues that may arise.


Catrikes are great for anyone. No balancing is required. All fitness levels are successful.

Riders enjoy World-famous beach locales at a perfect pace.

ELECTRIC ASSIST Catrike: available for those who need a boost - availability limited.

Adventures Start at $50 per person.

Duration is over 2 hours.

Veterans discounts and group discounts are 20%. A group is 4 or more.

Contact us for specifics.