Everybody Can Trike

Almost Nothing Can Prevent you from riding a Trike

RIDERS who experience challenges ride:


RIDERS  who experience challenges ride:

  •             Once a week
  •             FREE
  •             Specific locations
  •             Specific times     

  RIDES are coordinated with various agencies.  

Current Schedule

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month                                                                              10am at Belmont Shore – Long Beach

Long Beach Veterans Administration

  •   TBA

Yorba Regional Park in Yorba Linda

  •   TBA              10am

Catrikes are great for anyone. Riding becomes magical for those with challenges

Riders easily steer, shift, and brake with ONE hand. With no balancing on a Catrike, riders just go.

ELECTRIC - ASSIST Catrike: available for those who need a boost - availability limited.


Walk and Roll to Cure ATAXIA

September 14  2019


Anthesis Family Fun Festival

October 5   2019

October 10  2020

Adaptive Sports Expo

Paralyzed Veterans of America and Long Beach VA

 October 10 and 11   2019

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Ability Rides
Veteran Rides